Disaggregated Homes: Announcing EPRI EU NILM 2016

(Source: Disaggregated Homes: Announcing EPRI EU NILM 2016) We’re pleased to announce that the European Workshop on Non-intrusive Load Monitoring will be held on the 17-18th October 2016 in London, UK. This year’s workshop is a collaborative effort between the organisers of EU NILM 2014 and EU NILM 2015 and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The aim of the… Read More

NILM 2016 – Workshop Program

Just a quick note: The program for NILM 2016 has now been posted at http://nilmworkshop.org/2016/NILM2016_Program.pdf. The TPC has accepted 13 papers for presentation and will the have a poster session with 12+ posters. George W. Hart (credited as being the founder of NILM research) and Lyn Bartram (world renowned eco-visualization researcher) will be our keynote speakers. The 3rd… Read More

Appliance Water Disaggregation via Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)

Last week, I learnt that a paper Bradley Ellert, myself, and Fred Popowich wrote was accepted for presentation at the EAI International Conference on Big Data and Analytics for Smart Cities in Toronto October 13 to 14. Here is the abstract: The world’s fresh water supply is rapidly dwindling. Informing homeowners of their water use patterns can… Read More

Mixed-Initiative for Big Data: The Intersection of Human + Visual Analytics + Prediction

This week I learnt that a paper I and my co-authors (Daniel McVeigh, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Khoa Tran, Fred Popowich) submitted to Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-49) was accepted to presentation. This survey forms a large part of the research during 2015 as a postdoc in Computing Science at SFU. Here is the paper abstract:… Read More

The 2nd EU NILM Workshop

I will be attending the next EU NILM Workshop happening this July 8 at Imperial College London. I have been invited to be one of the technical speakers. I am excited to talk about what I and my research assistants have been doing in the NILM field (socioeconomic, water/gas NILM, AMPds R3, and other things). The day… Read More

Cognitive Radio Technology: System Evolution

I just learnt that a paper that I helped co-author (with Joanna Wallace, Kyle Richardson and Bob Gill) titled “Cognitive Radio Technology: System Evolution” was accepted at the 4th International Conference On Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems (WECON) at Chitkara University in India from March 20–21, 2015. Here is the paper abstract: Cognitive Radio is a novel method of radio communication which enables more… Read More