Testing Version 2 of the RS-485 Shield

Yesterday I received the new PCBs for Fritzing for a RS-485 Shield that will work withe Arduino Due and Maple. This shield has headers to either plug in and XBee module or Electric Imp breakout board for wireless communications. I have tested the Rs-485 communications and all is working well. Next, I will test XBee and… Read More

Inspiring Energy Conservation Through Open Source Power Monitoring and In-Home Display

I just learnt that that my full co-authored (with co-author Fred Popowich, TaeJin Moon, and Bob Gill) paper “Inspiring Energy Conservation Through Open Source Power Monitoring and In-Home Display” was accepted at the IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting.  It will be held in Vancouver so I will not need to travel! Here is the paper abstract: Many homeowners and occupants are interested in… Read More

The Cognitive Power Meter: Looking Beyond the Smart Meter

Last week I learnt that that my full co-authored (with co-author Fred Popowich and Bob Gill) paper “The Cognitive Power Meter: Looking Beyond the Smart Meter” was accepted at IEEE‘s 2013 Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE’13).  So I will be travelling to Regina, Saskatchewan in the Canada. Here is the paper abstract: The smart meter is often heralded as the key… Read More

APMR Version 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 of the Arduino Power Meter Reader (APMR) project is now released. APMR s an open source hardware and software project. APMR reads the power and energy (Wh) readings of RS485/Modbus communicating power meters at a constant interval. Readings are recorded on an SD card and/or sent over the Internet using a HTTP RESTful… Read More

Attention Proliphix Thermostat Users!

If you have a Proliphix thermostat like me (I have a IMT550w thermostat) and want a way to collect data and generate reports on the data then you should visit InThrMa. The have an web-based product that does this. They have a iPhone app as well as energy-saving features like SmartStart and Heat Pump Optimization (see Beta Labs). They also… Read More

Branch Circuit Power Metering

Over the weekend I was busy replacing my 2 INO6200 meters with 2 DENT PowerScout 18 branch circuit power meters (BCPM). Instead on only monitoring 2 circuits (the main house and the heat pump), I can now monitor 24 different circuits! I will post a link to a real-time consumption report soon. I am having… Read More

Proliphix IMT550w thermostat installed

Today I finally installed my Proliphix IMT550w Network Thermostat. As you may have read in my earlier post, it was hard to find the right thermostat for my American Standard HVAC system, and it took me over 2 week to do an exhaustive search to find the IMT550. To review, I have a dual fuel… Read More