Electricity, water, and natural gas consumption of a residential house in Canada from 2012 to 2014

Today my latest journal paper was published in Nature’s Scientific Data. Titled Electricity, water, and natural gas consumption of a residential house in Canada from 2012 to 2014 it discusses the release of AMPds v2. Thanks to my co-authors Bradley Ellert, Ivan V. Bajic, and Fred Popowich for all their contributions and feedback. Here is the paper… Read More

Testing Version 2 of the RS-485 Shield

Yesterday I received the new PCBs for Fritzing for a RS-485 Shield that will work withe Arduino Due and Maple. This shield has headers to either plug in and XBee module or Electric Imp breakout board for wireless communications. I have tested the Rs-485 communications and all is working well. Next, I will test XBee and… Read More

A Smarter Smart Home: Case Studies of Ambient Intelligence

This week I learnt that I (and co-author Lyn Bartram and Fred Popowich) will have a paper appearing in a future issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing (vol 12, no 1). Here is the paper abstract: Research has shown that small changes in behaviour in how we use our homes can result in substantial energy and water savings. Home automation and the integration… Read More

New Consumption Report

So I have finally had a chance to update the My Smart Home: Consumption Report to reflect readings from the new DENT  PowerScout 18 meters and a new database design. Checkout: http://makonin.com/report_consumption.html. Related articles Branch Circuit Power Metering (eco-sustain.org)

Branch Circuit Power Metering

Over the weekend I was busy replacing my 2 INO6200 meters with 2 DENT PowerScout 18 branch circuit power meters (BCPM). Instead on only monitoring 2 circuits (the main house and the heat pump), I can now monitor 24 different circuits! I will post a link to a real-time consumption report soon. I am having… Read More

Arduino RTC Shield Schematic

I have now posted information on the Arduino Power Meter Reader (APMR) project page on how I created the Arduino RTC (Real Time Clock) Shield I used. Related articles Arduino RFID shield on the Cloud (electronics-lab.com) Chrono-tomic shield helps your Arduino keep perfect time (hackaday.com) Review: Environmental Monitoring With Arduino (wired.com) Adafruit data logger, in… Read More

Arduino RS485 Shield Schematic

Well I have been too busy with course work 😦   …but I  found some time to post up the schematic for the Arduino RS485 Shield I used for my Arduino Power Meter Reader (APMR) project. Related articles Arduino (For beginners) (circuitstoday.com) Arduino weather-station to Internet bridge (hackaday.com) My first arduino shield project: “Wave Shield” (adafruit.com)… Read More