Electricity, water, and natural gas consumption of a residential house in Canada from 2012 to 2014

Today my latest journal paper was published in Nature’s Scientific Data. Titled Electricity, water, and natural gas consumption of a residential house in Canada from 2012 to 2014 it discusses the release of AMPds v2. Thanks to my co-authors Bradley Ellert, Ivan V. Bajic, and Fred Popowich for all their contributions and feedback. Here is the paper… Read More

Efficient Sparse Matrix Processing for Nonintrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)

Yesterday I learnt that my full co-authored (with co-authors Ivan Bajic and Fred Popowich) paper “Efficient Sparse Matrix Processing for Nonintrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)” was accepted at NILM Workshop 2014. So I am headed off to Austin, Texas at the beginning of June. Here is the paper abstract: Nonintrusive load monitoring (NILM) is a process of discerning what appliances are running within a house… Read More

A Smarter Smart Home: Case Studies of Ambient Intelligence

This week I learnt that I (and co-author Lyn Bartram and Fred Popowich) will have a paper appearing in a future issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing (vol 12, no 1). Here is the paper abstract: Research has shown that small changes in behaviour in how we use our homes can result in substantial energy and water savings. Home automation and the integration… Read More

Published New Dataset

  I have been working very hard on my Depth Exam lately and have not had a chance to post much. Until today, when I decided that I wanted to publicly make available a 2010 dataset of a monitored home for use in research on load disaggregation, NILM (non-intrusinve load monitoring or NIALM), Smart Homes, and… Read More

Branch Circuit Power Metering

Over the weekend I was busy replacing my 2 INO6200 meters with 2 DENT PowerScout 18 branch circuit power meters (BCPM). Instead on only monitoring 2 circuits (the main house and the heat pump), I can now monitor 24 different circuits! I will post a link to a real-time consumption report soon. I am having… Read More

Proliphix IMT550w thermostat installed

Today I finally installed my Proliphix IMT550w Network Thermostat. As you may have read in my earlier post, it was hard to find the right thermostat for my American Standard HVAC system, and it took me over 2 week to do an exhaustive search to find the IMT550. To review, I have a dual fuel… Read More

Modelling the smart home, sensor data

Today David Lindberg a fellow graduate student and colleague ask, “I need a better picture of the data you’re receiving from the houses. Can you send me your database schema“? David will be looking at modelling tools and developing a model for the home. I though it might be a good idea to take some… Read More