A Consumer Bill of Rights for Energy Conservation

I just learnt that the main paper I summated to IHTC was accepted titled “A Consumer Bill of Rights for Energy Conservation”. Co-authors were: Laura Guzman Flores, Robyn Gill, Roger Alex Clapp, Lyn Bartram, and Bob Gill. So that is 2 papers accepted at the 2014 IEEE Canada International Humanitarian Technology Conference (IHTC) in Montreal, Canada from June… Read More

Using Computing and Engineering to Tackle Sustainability Problems with Energy Consumption

Today I giving a technical seminar to the BCIT School of Energy faculty and students. My understanding is that a will be a large number of  people RSVP’ed. I will give a 40 minute presentation with a 10 minute Q&A session. My main focus will be on how faculty, students, and researchers for both computing and… Read More

Why There Is Nothing Smart about the Current Smart Home and Smart Meter

Today I gave a seminar to the BCIT Building Science Graduate Program faculty and masters students. It was a one hour presentation with a half-hour discussion session. Here is the abstract: Home automation is often seen as the cornerstone of the smart home and the smart meter is often heralded as the key component supporting energy displays… Read More

Computational sustainability: a modern collaborative approach to sustainable development

Last month Amid Sedghi from SFU Carbon Talks interviewed me for an article on computational sustainability. He has now posted his article called “Computational sustainability: a modern collaborative approach to sustainable development” which can be viewed here. For those of you who would like to know what computational sustainability is the Institute for Computational Sustainability (ICS) defines it… Read More

To all the “fans” of electric cars:

The IEEE Spectrum magazine has release a very interesting article Unclean at Any Speed with the  subtitle Electric cars don’t solve the automobile’s environmental problems. Article link: http://spectrum.ieee.org/energy/renewables/unclean-at-any-speed Critical though is always needed when is comes to solving the energy conservation and sustainability problems that face us and future generations. Jumping on populate bandwagons (e.g. electric cars… Read More

Testing Version 2 of the RS-485 Shield

Yesterday I received the new PCBs for Fritzing for a RS-485 Shield that will work withe Arduino Due and Maple. This shield has headers to either plug in and XBee module or Electric Imp breakout board for wireless communications. I have tested the Rs-485 communications and all is working well. Next, I will test XBee and… Read More

Inspiring Energy Conservation Through Open Source Power Monitoring and In-Home Display

I just learnt that that my full co-authored (with co-author Fred Popowich, TaeJin Moon, and Bob Gill) paper “Inspiring Energy Conservation Through Open Source Power Monitoring and In-Home Display” was accepted at the IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting.  It will be held in Vancouver so I will not need to travel! Here is the paper abstract: Many homeowners and occupants are interested in… Read More