Electricity, water, and natural gas consumption of a residential house in Canada from 2012 to 2014

Today my latest journal paper was published in Nature’s Scientific Data. Titled Electricity, water, and natural gas consumption of a residential house in Canada from 2012 to 2014 it discusses the release of AMPds v2. Thanks to my co-authors Bradley Ellert, Ivan V. Bajic, and Fred Popowich for all their contributions and feedback. Here is the paper… Read More

Appliance Water Disaggregation via Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)

Last week, I learnt that a paper Bradley Ellert, myself, and Fred Popowich wrote was accepted for presentation at the EAI International Conference on Big Data and Analytics for Smart Cities in Toronto October 13 to 14. Here is the abstract: The world’s fresh water supply is rapidly dwindling. Informing homeowners of their water use patterns can… Read More

Leveraging Submetered Electricity Loads to Disaggregate Household Water-Use

It is with great excitement to announce that Bradley Ellert successfully defended his Masters thesis on water disaggregation (NILM) last week. Titled Leveraging Submetered Electricity Loads to Disaggregate Household Water-Use, his thesis is now online for downloading. I helped mentor Bradley and provided advice for him on NILM and AMPds. I am very proud of the work he… Read More

AMPds 2 Released! (2 years of data and other fixes)

Today I am releasing AMPds 2 (The Almanac of Minutely Power Dataset – 2 Years) a new version of my internationally recognized and very popular dataset. AMPds is a dataset consisting of electricity, water, and natural gas consumption. This dataset is ideal for testing load disaggregation/NILM and eco-feedback algorithms and prototypes. A total of 1,051,200 readings for 2 years of… Read More

EoC project page

So in my last post I mentioned Elements of Consumption (EoC). EoC is an ambient display (or eco-feedback device) that visualizes consumption as abstract art. I have published a paper about it (check out the publications page). Also, I just finished uploading 2 videos to YouTube that shows what Elements of Consumption (EoC) looks like.… Read More

Installing electricity, water and gas meters

So here is a summary of the meters I have installed at my house. Around the middle of 2009 I had 2 electrical meters installed at my home. Both where PowerLogic ION6200 meters. These meters are class 0.5 revenue meters so that means they are not cheap. One meter measures consumption of the main buswork coming… Read More